What Is Repiping and How Does It Work?

Repiping is the process of replacing the plumbing in your home. It can be a daunting project, but it’s also one that can save you money and improve the quality of your life.

Step 1: Identify The Types of Pipes

The first step in repiping a home is to find out whether the house has galvanized steel pipes or copper pipes. A plumber will use an infrared camera to identify the type of metal used for the plumbing system. If there are galvanized steel pipes, they may need to be replaced because they don’t last as long as copper pipes do.

Step 2: Fix or Replace Piping

The next step is preparing for the work that needs to be done. The plumber will mark off areas where there will be pipe replacement so that no existing pipes are damaged during installation. Next, they’ll install new lines from where the old lines were connected back up through floors and walls until they reach the point where new connections were made on top of existing ones so that everything looks neat and tidy inside your home when all is said and done!

Types of Plumbing Pipes We Install

There are several different types of plumbing pipes, all used for different purposes. We can handle any type of pipe replacement, repair, or installation. PEX tubing is commonly used for indoor water supply lines. Copper is an alternative to PEX and can be more reliable, but also more expensive. PVC piping is used for outdoor sewer lines.

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