How Does a Plumber Repair a Fixture or Faucet?

When you call your plumber to repair your sink or tub, they will first assess the problem. This will help them determine if they can fix it or if they need to replace it. If the plumber needs to replace the fixture, they will remove any fixtures that are still in good condition and take them with them.

Replace Damaged Parts

Once the fixture has been removed from the wall, the plumber will begin working on it by removing any parts that were damaged during removal. They may need to replace these parts depending on what needs to be done for repair.

Clean Debris From The Fixture

The next step is cleaning out any debris that might be in your plumbing system from an overflowing tub or sink. This could include rocks, hair, soap scum and other debris. After cleaning out these items from your plumbing system, they will go through all of their tools before starting work on repairing your fixture or faucet.

Replace Any Broken Parts

The last step is replacing any parts that were broken during removal and reassembling everything back together again before sealing off any leaks or cracks in order for water pressure to flow properly through them again without causing any further damage!

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