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Boilers are similar to water heaters in that they both create hot water, but they are used for very different purposes in your home. A boiler is a part of your central heating system and is usually powered by natural gas.

The benefits of using a boiler system to heat your home include:

  • Energy efficiency: Because water is a more efficient thermal medium than air is, it can hold heat for longer and use less energy over time.
  • Even heating: Using radiators, boiler systems put the warm air where you want it - closer to the floor. This is ideal because warm air rises while cool air falls.
  • No duct work: When your system doesn't use ducting, you won't have leaky ducts! Aside from using air rather than water, which decreases their energy efficiency, ducts can also lose up to 30% of heat in a forced air system.

If installed improperly, even the most efficient boiler can cause frustration, wasted money, and a cold home. A licensed professional can help you make the right choice when it comes time to buy and install a new brand.

If you need help deciding between a gas boiler and an oil boiler for your Columbus home or business, contact Evolved Plumbing and Mechanical, LLC today at (614) 515-3101.

Which Type of Boiler Is Right for My Columbus Home?

While natural gas boilers are among the most popular, you have choices when it comes to boilers on the market. Your home's utility setup (such as gas lines, water lines, etc.) can affect which type is best for you, but you will also need to consider what demands your boiler must meet in order to fit your lifestyle..

Pros of a gas boiler:

  • Energy efficient
  • Dependable
  • Cost efficient

Pros of an oil boiler:

  • More efficient than gas
  • Works without access to the city gas line
  • Safer than gas

What Is Involved in a Boiler Installation?

A boiler not only heats your home's water, but it is also responsible for heating your air. Because it plays two important roles in your everyday life, it's important to install your boiler properly and safely to keep your home comfortable no matter the season.

The best way to ensure your boiler is installed properly is by hiring a licensed plumber who specializes in boiler installation. Our team of plumbers at Evolved Plumbing is experienced in installing both oil and gas boilers throughout Columbus. If we are replacing an old boiler, we will check the arrangement of piping, such as the boiler size versus the pipe size, to determine the best way to install the new boiler. Any problems caused by the valve functionality or placement will be addressed in the new installation.

As technology has progressed, boilers have become more efficient. By utilizing two separate strategies, our plumbers ensure you get the most efficiency out of your new boiler. The first is priority control, which lets you decide whether the boiler should make hot water for heating the air or for the tap. The second is primary/secondary piping. This creates two routes of flowing water to allow for independent flow for both the boiler and the system, because they require different amounts of water at any given time.

When considering your options for a new boiler, contact Evolved Plumbing at (614) 515-3101. We can help you decide which option is best for your Columbus home.